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Alkenster AC-2102 (Matting Agent)

Product Detail Information


Alkenster AC-2102 is a glycidy poly acrylic resin designed as curing agent for carboxylated polyesters. Coating based on carboxylic polyesters, cured with 28% of Alkenster AC-2102  exhibit very nice mat finish.

Technical Data

  • Appearance : Pale Flake
  • Non volatile : min. 98 wt% (150°CX 30min)
  • Color(Gardner) : max. 2
  • Glass transition temp : 68 °C
  • EEW : 700 ±50 (g/eq., Dioxane)


25kg polyethylene bag


Keep away from heat sources and diret sunlight. Do not stack more than pallets.